10 Dental Podcasts to Up Your Game in 2021 [Part 2]

Dental podcasts are going mighty and strong. Many of the most successful dentists, DSOs, and dental-related organizations have podcasts that are worth tuning into.

Last month, I wrote an article entitled, Should You Start A Dental Podcast?. It was a hit among dentists and dental professionals who have been wanting to start a podcast.

In that same article, I also listed five dental podcasts (out of hundreds) that were launched since 2017. Those were so well received that requests came in to share more. 

With there being heaps and heaps of these podcasts around, it can be difficult to figure out which ones to follow. Don’t worry though, I’ve done all the work!                                            

Dental Podcasts You Need to Tune Into Right Now 

To help you narrow down which to tune into, I’ve put together an alphabetized list of the 10 most compelling dental podcasts. Unlike last time though, I did not provide a summary of each podcast theme. 

Instead of creating bias in the mind’s of readers by summarizing each show, I thought it’d be better to simply list them in bullet format and let you check out their platforms for yourself.

All in all, administrative professionals as well as practicing dentists can benefit from podcasts, and these are a great starting point.

  1. All-Star Dental Academy Podcast 
  2. Delivering WOW
  3. Dental A Team with Kiera Dent
  4. Front Office Rocks
  5. Dental Hacks
  6. Dental Up Podcast
  7. Hot Pulp Podcast by Dentistsofinsta
  8. The 8E8 Show
  9. The Dentist Money Show 
  10. The Fee for Service Dentist Podcast 

Dentistry is always evolving. Because of this, the best clinicians do everything within their power to keep learning.             

While it’s imperative to register for state-approved continuing education courses, and attend seminars hosted by dentistry’s finest, it’s also worthwhile to explore other tools and resources to keep you on your A-game.    

These days, unconventional resources such as YouTube, internet and radio podcasts, and TikTok are taking learning to new heights. To learn how you can do the same, visit

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