Dental Office Organization: 5 DIY Furniture Hacks

When it comes to dental office organization, you must take advantage of every ounce of space wisely. In addition to that, your office design plays a significant role in how your patients feel when they enter your dental practice.

ruth is, not all dental offices are built the same. Some have sufficient space, while others are limited when it comes to areas for storage and filing.        

What many dentists don’t realize is, your dental office design must be meticulously planned prior to construction. The right space can make patients feel welcome and encourage your staff to be at their best, all at the same time. 

Now, there are lots of dentists who go the practice acquisition route, and in that case, those dentists inherit the previous dentist’s design challenges. 

When it comes down to your dental practice, it should be designed to facilitate ease of movement, contain efficient storage space, and add a level of functionality to each operatory. 

To get your dental office design right, there’s no better authority to turn to than Breakaway Consulting. The company specializes in designing dental offices for maximum efficiency by decluttering and optimizing each space to fulfill a particular function.  

Plus, if you’re looking for an array of affordable furniture for your practice redesign, Equipment Solutions has been the go-to company for years. The US-based brand is also the preferred company among dentists seeking the most practical and up-to-date dental equipment

However, when dental practices are short on space and money, it can be tricky to find the right solution.  

Thinking outside the box, I came up with a few creative ideas to help you get your office organized. So, if you’re planning to take on a small budget-friendly redesign, then consider the following five furniture hacks below that aid in dental office organization. 

5 Furniture Hacks That Facilitate Dental Office Organization

1. The bookcase reception desk

Reception desks can double up as filing cabinets or bookshelves using a simple hack. All you need are a couple of filing cabinets or hip-height bookcases, and glass or wood tabletops. This desk will enlarge your reception area and provide enough space for two receptionists to sit. Plus, the excess counter space is useful to patients as they check out.   

2. The standing desk with filing cabinet   

This type of desk is not as spacious, however, it still has enough space for a large desktop and several files. The beauty of a standing desk is that you can store reference books, folders, and even supplies like hand sanitizers. In fact, it’s a great option if you are thinking about converting an unused closet into a small work area. 

3. The L-shaped office desk

If you want to maximize desk space and add a bit of elegance at the same time, you should consider assembling an L-shaped office desk. Equipped with sufficient legroom, this desk is clean, sleek, and facilitates dental office organization. To add to that, if you purchase two and position them next to each other, it turns into a larger work station.

4. The minimal and functional desk

With basic book shelves, you can easily put together a functional office desk that’s suited for small spaces. An effortless, efficient DIY workstation project, this type of desk’s cubed legs (i.e. the book shelves) can store books, files, and even a flower vase or two. Beyond that, it’s an affordable option that’s perfect for organizing.

5. The pantry unit turned into dual workstations

If your office has unused pantries or cabinets, it can easily be turned into dual workstations using a long work desk that accommodates two people. What was once underutilized can now become a fully functional workspace for your staff. Great for desktop computers or laptops, this workstation is practical and has enough space for stationery and other supplies. 

Expert Guidance to Redesigning Your Office

The pandemic has stirred business owners, as well as homeowners, to focus more time on interior design. To add to that, it has also given many dentists the opportunity to sit down with the professionals to get expert guidance on redesigning their dental office.

While your dental office design or redesign can be a collective activity where you involve your team and seek their input, it should really be more about optimizing the space you already have. To do that, you must speak with people who specialize in dental office design. 

If you’ve been considering redesigning your dental office, reach out to the experts at Dental Whale. They’ve been helping startups and seasoned practices design and build fully functional offices that bring in more new patients than imagined. 

Visit to learn more!    

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