Dental Success Traits of Practices Performing in the Top 10%

What are the dental success traits of practices that outperform the majority? This is the question that many dentists want to know the answer to, and for good reason.

To begin, there are several factors that lead a practice down the path of dental success. However, the most important factors have nothing to do with money. In fact, the one trait that high-performing dental practices have in common is exceptional dentists.

These “exceptional” dentists know exactly how to grow their practice and continuously build wealth — and they all possess four groundbreaking traits.  

So, if you want your practice to rank at the top 10 percent, and keep it there for a long time, learn how to cultivate the traits listed below.

4 Traits of Money-Making Dental Practices

1) Persistence over expertise

Top-performing dental practices are often led by dentists who are persistent. It isn’t exceptional talent or the luck of the draw that enables these dentists to grow their practice. 

Simply put, it’s persistence — an ability to continuously learn and improve. These dentists have a vision and are determined to focus on it despite any challenges that may pop up. 

2) Systems instead of goals

Winning dental practices focus on systems rather than goals. In fact, they are methodical about doing this. When you focus on goals without having a system in place to assess them, you don’t really know what markers to hit. 

Truth is, systems ensure businesses run better. Successful dental practices have systems and processes for everything from patient acquisition to scheduling to training their staff. 

3) Get the right staff to stay

Everyone knows how crucial employees are to the success of any business. Exceptional dentists know how to hire the right staff, train them, and lead through open communication.

Dental practices that perform in the top 10 percent have staff that tend to stay longer. This is because valued employees tend to have more job satisfaction than the average employee. 

4) Prefer to measure than manage

Among the many problems with micromanaging, the most important one is that it demonstrates your lack of confidence in your employees’ ability to complete a task. That’s why the most prosperous dentists delegate tasks. 

They tell their team what the practice objectives are and allow them to execute tasks without meddling. However, the key here is, these dentists are continuously measuring and monitoring key metrics, and provide resources to help their team succeed. 

Work With High-Performers to Ensure Dental Success

Elite degrees and advanced specializations are not the primary or even secondary factors that ensure dental success. 

What matters is having an objective, functional systems, and inspiring management style paired with a desire to constantly improve and optimize. 

As a matter of fact, the experts at Dental Whale are doing just this. They know what it takes to perform in the top 10 percent, and have been doing so for quite some time. 

To work with high-performing dentists to ensure the success of your practice, visit

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