This exciting new alliance between Dental Whale ® and Leixir Dental Group will be instrumental to us providing outstanding products and extraordinary customer service to a wider range of dentists.

In an ongoing effort to simplify the business of dentistry through innovative technology for their customers, Leixir Dental Group announced today its official partnership with Dental Whale® — a Dental Purchasing & Services Organization (“DPSO”) offering membership that enables purchasing power through its online ordering app.

This exciting new alliance between Dental Whale ® and Leixir Dental Group will be instrumental to us providing outstanding products and extraordinary customer service to a wider range of dentists. Our team is a mosaic of professionals who are truly passionate about the final result – a person’s smile. When you create dental products with that in mind, the result is nothing short of exceptional

Christian LeBrun, CEO of Leixir Dental Group

Dental Whale ® currently serves 2,200+ members in private practice and dental groups across North America with a robust offering that includes: an education portal that offers training and continuing education, a 24/7 team of repair and equipment experts, and an online Supplies Shop that features substantial members-only savings. Joe Cavaretta, Chief Executive Officer and Dental Whale Leader, said the partnership will “provide our members’ quality dental prosthesis at reduced negotiated fees with Leixir’s outsourced manufacturing solutions and domestically produced cases.”

Through Dental Whale’s exclusive My Dental Whale™ Platform, clinicians and office staff have access to their personalized dashboard, where they can order heavily discounted supplies and equipment, train and manage new and existing team members with exclusive online content, schedule on-site repairs, equipment maintenance, and service, and even receive 1:1 help in managing quarterly and annual budgets to save revenue and eliminate waste. Not to mention a complete range of fixed and removable dental products made by true experts in their craft, thanks to the advantageous new partnership with Leixir Dental Group.

“This newest partnership adds another option to our evolving partnerships bringing added innovation within the lab space. We value partnerships that bring Dental Whale members quality services, value, and attention to detail in all aspects. Leixir Dental Group meets all criteria,” says Phil Cruz, Procurement Leader at Dental Whale.


Leixir Dental Group operates a network of full-service, state-of-the-art dental laboratories that offer a complete range of leading-edge dental products, including crowns and bridges, implants, surgical guides, and dentures. Leixir’s laboratories are strategically located to provide superior service to dentists throughout the United States. Leixir has built a digital-first service model to support its delivery of differentiated services and technology throughout the dental landscape. For more information, please visit


Dental Whale® offers both the independent dentist and those within dental group organizations a full suite of practice solutions under one digitized roof. A hybrid of the familiar Dental Service Organization, Dental Whale® has coined the term Dental Practice Service Organization (DPSO) to refer to their customer-first practice management model. Their goal? To help dentists and their teams streamline operations and reduce recurring costs by providing a single online platform where they can order supplies and equipment, schedule repairs, and gain access to high-quality educational content. With a diverse team of more than 850 team members, Dental Whale has supported upwards of 20,000 dentists and helped serve more than 4 million patients. For more information, call 855-339-3740 or visit

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