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By purchasing this membership you certify you are authorized to bind the entity for which you are signing and agree to the charges to your provided credit card or bank account by Dental Whale LLC until the end of the Term of this Agreement or until otherwise terminated. You understand and agree that this authorization will remain in effect until canceled in writing and provided to Dental Whale LLC at least 15 days prior to the next billing date. By purchasing this membership you are also agreeing to our Terms and Conditions on our website, which can be found at As part of the Dental Whale membership program, Dental Whale® will receive an administrative fee from certain suppliers based on purchases members may make. DWSN will provide you with a yearly report showing the amount of administrative fee attributed to your office’s particular orders. Clinical Responsibility. Practice understand and agrees it is solely responsible for all clinical decisions made within the Practice, including but not limited to selection and use of proper Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), supplies, and equipment. Dental Whale expresses no opinion on the appropriateness of particular supplies, equipment, and parts or as to the compliance of those supplies, equipment and parts with federal, state, or local laws or regulations. Guarantee Terms. To take advantage of our $20,000 savings guarantee you must do the following: 1) Maintain your DPSO membership for a consecutive 12 months. 2) Purchase 80% or more of your total supplies, labs and equipment for the next 12 month period from our preferred vendors. 3) In order for the savings comparison to be calculated, the office will provide 24 moths revenue and total purchases for supplies, labels and equipment. 4) If you do not save at least $20,000 in your first 12 months, you will relieve the next 6 months of membership for free. 5) Up to $300 FREE supplies or equipment each month based on supplier promotions and availability. Must redeem within the same month of available promotion. 6) Handpiece repair up to $300 value must be submitted through Dental Whale Repair during your first 6 months of membership.

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